Can the photographs be acquired? Can you mention the characteristics of the printed photographs?

Yes, all photographs can be acquired. They have different formats depending on the series or project. Most common formats include 40X50 cm 50X70 cm 100X150cm. Printing paper is 100% high quality cotton paper. I personally supervise each digital printing in all production stages. A maximum number of 5 impressions per format. Analog printing can be offered in some cases. For additional information contact Drexel Gallery in Monterrey Mexico (www.drexelgaleria.com) or feel free to email in the contact section of this webpage.

How can I access permission to use one of various images of your work?

Please write an email in the contact section of this webpage explaining the final use of the image. I will either grant permission or establish an arrangement for the specific use.

Do you also engage in commercial and/or editorial work?

Yes. Most of my work is envisioned as an editorial project. I can engage in commercial work and photographic projects can be tailored made. I have worked with architects, with art reproduction, archives, commercial magazines and with many artists.

Describe the final product of a commercial tailor made project.

Generally all images are delivered in digital format through we transfer, drop box or other data transfer mechanism. Paper printed materials are delivered via express mail with insurance (if requested).

Are you available for conferences or live presentations of your work?

Yes, I am available. I have participated with various schools and photography festivals. For specific information please email in the contact section of this webpage.

Do you teach photography too?

Yes, I have had the privilege of been a professor in various universities and willing to develop both theory or practical teaching courses.

Are you willing to work outside of your place of residence? Is a written agreement foreseen?

Yes, I am available to work in Mexico and aboard, a written agreement could be established, project costs, perdiem and travel expenses will be agreed beforehand.


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